Jay Corgiat

Co-FOUNDER of Central road energy

Jay has been in the solid waste consulting industry for over 20 years.  He has developed, owned, and operated LFGE projects, primarily in Illinois. 

Jay is the founder and President of Environmental Information Logistics, LLC, a $2.5M revenue per year solid waste consulting firm that serves clients nationwide.  

Jay has been involved in the legislative process for strengthening Illinois solar from its initial inception in February 2015 as the Clean Jobs and Future Energy Bills through the Future Energy Jobs Act, which was signed into law in December 2016.  He successfully lobbied for the inclusion of landfills as “Brownfields”.  He is currently active in the working group that is drafting recommendations for the implementation of the Solar for All program by the Illinois Power Agency.

Jay has spoken at two conferences about the Illinois Solar for All program, one for IBEW contractors in Champaign Urbana and the other at the Illinois Energy Market Summit of June 13 – 15, 2018

BS in Chemistry from the University of Illinois – Champaign Urbana; Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Mike Carolan

Co-FOUNDER or central road energy

Mike has been in the LFG industry for over 25 years developing and operating LFGE projects. 

Mike was a Vice President for Getty Synthetic Fuels (later GSF), the initial company to commercialize LFGE, a on one of the original successful LFGE and develop one of the first successful LFGE projects in 1981.   He was also instrumental in the growth of DTE Biomass and Zahren Alternative Power Company (ZAPCO), now US Energy Biogas.  

Mike has worked on over 100 LFG projects with some 50 still operating. He has directed the design, construction, start-up and operation of 18 similar projects over the last 13 years.

BS in Civil Engineering from Newark College of Engineering; MBA from Boston University Business School.