Central Road Energy

Future Energy Jobs Act & Illinois Solar for All Program

The Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) is a plan to strengthen Illinois' economy by taking important steps toward our state's clean energy future and preserving competitive rates. The Illinois Solar for All Program was created through FEJA to provide low income residents of Illinois the opportunity to participate in the benefits of solar energy.  Low income households are persons or families whose income is less than or equal to 80% of area median income adjusted for family size.

The Future Energy Jobs Act and the Illinois Solar for All Program has been in effect since June 1, 2017.   


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Central Road Energy's Impact


CRE has been involved with the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) since it's beginning. Specifically, CRE lobbied to include landfills in FEJA’s definition of brownfields. Brownfields are lands that are considered environmentally impaired and, therefore difficult to put back into productive use. With significant help from the Chicago Archdiocese, a landfill owner with a landfill gas to energy plant owned by CRE’s owners, CRE and the Archdiocese were able to change the definition of brownfield in the bill to include landfills.  In December 2016, the bill was signed into law with landfills included in the definition of brownfields.


Illinois Solar for All Working Group

The Illinois Solar for All Working Group (the Working Group) formed from a subset of members of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, who had comprised an Environmental Justice-Solar-Labor Caucus (the Caucus) during the negotiation of policies that would become FEJA. Following passage of FEJA in December 2016, the Caucus expanded into the Illinois Solar for All Working Group, an open membership group including experts on environmental justice, environmental advocacy, consumer protection, solar business, low-income solar policy, energy efficiency, job training, program design, and other areas, who have substantive research and experience to bring to bear on implementation of Illinois Solar for All. 

The Illinois Solar for All Working Group prepared a white paper to deliver high quality information and recommendations on implementation considerations for the Illinois Solar for All Program to the Illinois Power Agency, the agency that prepared the implementation plan for the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA; PA 99-0906). CRE played a significant role in the Program Design and Incentives Sub-team, preparing a white paper entitled “ Application, Evaluation, Selection and Contracting for Community Solar for the Solar for All Program”. This white paper was included in it’s entirety and the key recommendations made in the white paper were included in the main sections of the report. Since that time, the Illinois Solar for All Working Group has been actively involved in reviewing and commenting on the draft documents related to plan implementation. CRE has continued to be an active member of this group.